Alone or dependent?

We mostly rely on each other in a relationship, which leads to a dependency. It is seen as a negative feature of any relationship because we have a primal fear of being alone. A catchall feeling of isolation while having no reliable, trustworthy partner reminds us of unsatisfactory past relationship. It is not a fashion hair salon which we can always change with no negative response. So, is there any kind of a balanced dependence which can be called a healthy one?

1. The dependency issue
We share the empathy with our partners, which leads us to feel vulnerable without the loving one. The closeness which creates such a feeling is normal because the mutual support is what creates the comfort of feeling safety. On the other hand, we mostly sense ambivalence about such a dependency. Losing a partner will ruin the comfort and leave us stressed.

2. A destructive form
We are interdependent throughout our lives when joining groups and creating own families. The purpose of working in teams is to achieve more than we could do solo. The attempts of creating and maintaining a distance between the partners to lessen the dependency discard the genuine openness in a relationship. We get only stress and disappointment except obtaining essential skills of building a healthy mutual relationship. Such destructive experiences lead us to a loop of negative attempts.

3. Why should we rely on someone else?
Besides being dependent doesn’t feel great, an open and healthy relationship helps to fix the flaws and everyday crises. We stand together to create a comfort living space. Building intimacy means building a safe contact which allows you to face the issue you would never face alone. It is a social behavior which is natural for human beings and the resistance is close to arguing with yourself.

Don’t fear the consequences of being dependent. It does not represent your weaknesses; a healthy relationship only makes you stronger and capable of much more.

What your star sign tells about your type of man?

#1. The Ram
You estimate relationships, but at the same time, you estimate your personal space. So, you should find a man, who will appreciate it and who will be independent enough.

#2. The Bull
You are very passionate and strong-willed person. So, we recommend you to find a man, who will also be passionate, persuasive, and even more decisive than you.

#3. The Twins
It’s very easy for you to get bored. Hereat, your significant one should be fun and adventurous; in this case, he can inspire you.

#4. The Crab
You are very homely and family person. So, you need a man, who will build plans for the future with you. Short-term relationships are not for you.

#5. The Lion
You have high standards for the person you want to be with. He should show his serious intentions or don’t waste your time. Intelligence and creativity will give him some bonus points.

#6. The Virgin
Considering the fact you are a giver, you should find someone, who will appreciate it and not only take but give you something in return.

#7. The Balance
A confident man is your destiny. He should care about you and your inner harmony.

#8. The Scorpion
Your potential man should have great patience. Of course, you are a lovely girl, but sometimes you can be really moody, and your special one should understand it.

#9. The Archer
Your life is a routine. So your man should inspire you to crazy actions, adventurous, and different things.

#10. The Goat
You are very ambitious and active person. So, you need to find someone, who will encourage and inspirit.

#11. The Water Bearer
You are a flavorful woman, and you need someone, who will be talented and artistic near you. Singer, actor, writer, web designer or any other man of art is your perfect soulmate.

#12. The Fishes
You are ready to follow your dream, and your world can be a little bit chaotic. You need someone, who will structure it.

Remember, the main thing is not a star sign, but love. Be yourself, visit fashion hair salon, and smile, and we sure you meet your special One very soon. 



1. Dramatic make-up
The right make-up is of huge importance since your date will spend most of the time looking at your face. You should strive for a balance between too much and too little. An excessive amount of make-up usually scares guys and makes them think you’re trying to hide something. Try to enhance your natural beauty!

2. Overdone hair
Nothing is more repulsive than overdone or bad hair. For this reason, you should prepare your locks in advance beforehand – shampoo and condition the date night. Experts at Hair Salon NYC also recommend avoiding heavy styling products such as mousses, gels, or serums because they can play a low-down trick with you and make your hair look oily.

3. Terrible nails
Terrible nails can create a terrible impression, so make sure they look tidy and clean. Neat manicure and calm colors are the best decision for your fingernails. You should avoid dramatic colors, unusual shapes, and extreme length because guys can’t stand it!

4. Unsuitable outfit
It’s very difficult to find a suitable outfit for a date night, especially for the first date. Firstly, it should be something you feel comfortable and confident in. Secondly, your outfit shouldn’t reveal too much body, unless you want to create a certain impression.

5. Unnatural look
According to experts at Hair Salon NYC, there is nothing more important than looking natural during your date night. Each woman is beautiful in a unique way, so you should learn how to make your strengths stand out. Create the best version of yourself, and your partner will appreciate your efforts.
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Learn what hair mistakes you should avoid during an important date. 

1. Product over-use 
Sometimes girls apply too much styling products in the attempt of making their hair look gorgeous. Hairstylists at Hair Salon NYC recommend sticking to the rule “less is better”; moreover, you will achieve better results if you use one right product instead of many random ones. 

2. Greasy hair 
Greasy hair is probably one of the most embarrassing hair mistakes you can make at your date. It’s the easiest way to create an impression of a person, who has problems with personal hygiene. If you don’t have enough time to wash your hair, just use dry shampoo, and your locks will look fresh again! 

3. Frizz 
Nothing can ruin your date night more quickly than humidity and nasty frizz. It’s essential to consider the weather conditions when planning a date outside, especially if your hair is prone to frizz. According to experts at Hair Salon NYC, you can prevent the catastrophe by applying anti-frizz products, so take care of it ahead. 

4. Weak hold 
What can be more disappointing than seeing your hairstyle falling apart? It’s even worse if everything is happening during an important date! It’s important to use enough hairspray before leaving the house; in this case, you create a strong hold. If your hair refuses to retain the needed shape anyway, revise your hair care regimen. 

5. Too much playing 
Even if your hair looks completely gorgeous, you should avoid constantly playing with it. On the one hand, touching increases the possibility of ruining the hairstyle you created for so long. On the other hand, it makes you look like a silly, little girl. 

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Learn how to make the best choice of your dating profile picture!

1. You wear sunglasses

One of the biggest mistake is posting a picture where you have your sunglasses on. Even if you have the coolest custom glasses in the world, you should take them off for a photograph. They hide the half of your face, so people might think you’re trying to hide something!

2. You post old photographs

It’s hard to resist a temptation of posting a photograph taken 10 years ago, when you looked much younger and attractive. Do you look exactly the same now? If the answer is “no”, then you should stop fooling other people and yourself in the first place.

3. You wear a hat

Although hats can make you look very flattering, sometimes they do more harm than good. Some hats cover your face and make you look like a spy, especially together with custom glasses. We recommend avoiding pictures where you wear big hats!

4. You post group pictures

Group picture isn’t the best choice for a dating profile picture! Even if this is an extremely awesome photograph next to an Eiffel Tower, it shouldn’t become your profile picture. People won’t be able to recognize you on the group photograph if they see you for the first time.

5. You post pictures of animals

It’s great to post photographs of you with your pets, especially if your profile says you love animals. But what’s the point of pictures with just animals, though? They are incredibly cute, indeed, but people want to see you, not the animals!

Top 3 sexy hairstyles to wear on date

Charm him on your first date with stunning hairstyle

For every girl and woman date is a great opportunity to have a good time and to talk with an interesting person. Of course, girls know that their look means a lot, so it is extremely important for us to choose a perfect makeup, cloth, and hairstyle. To ease this difficult task our stylists at Prestige Beauty Salon offer you three most fluttering and charming hairstyles every woman can create at home.

Hairstyle #1 Sleek and polished medium cut

If you have medium length hair and wear such hairstyles like lob or bob, there is no need to tinker some puzzling constructions on your head. Just take a flatiron and make perfectly sleek and shiny hairstyle, making minimum efforts. Moreover, such cut fits any cloth, makeup, and place you choose, so you can be sure you will look amazing no matter what.

Hairstyle #2 Voluminous curls

Curls – is a timeless hairstyle, which never goes out of fashion. No matter how long your hair is, what type and structure it has, curl will make you look gorgeous! You can make lots of small and tight curls, or stick to big one in Old Hollywood style; it is up to you to decide.

Hairstyle #3 Braids

Braids continue to hold first places in all hairstyling charts. Thanks to a huge variety of shape and form you can create magnificent up-do or half up-do in 10 minutes. Nice flowers or some other sparkling accessory will complete your look.

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Top 3 Hair Ideas to Wear on a Date

Oh, that breathtaking moment when you are going for a first date with a new guy. Everything should be perfect: from cloth to hairstyle and makeup because we have no second chance to make the first impression. Go for careless updo, if you want him to tuck one of your strands behind the ear, or stick to sleek updo to strike him with natural beauty. As Beyonce said, girls run the world, so it is up to you to decide what your date turns out to be. Our professionals in Hair Salon in New York are ready to help you with a decision and offer three most charming hairstyles.

Hairstyle #1 Braided half-up do 
It is one of those hairstyles, which will bring you that wow moment with the naughty strand. All you need is to braid your hair a little, creating kind of a crown, leaving some random strands not involved.

Hairstyle #2 Voluminous curls
Great volume is never bad, especially if it is mixed with beachy waves. Add some magic to your hair with texturizing spray and curling iron, and you will see your life turned to a fairytale.

Hairstyle #3 Sleek bun
It is a fantastic decision for those girls, who want to underline their natural beauty. There will be nothing to distract him from your beautiful face, so you can enjoy each other timelessly.

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