Five First-Date hair And Makeup Tips

Do you want to be gorgeous on the first date? With these flirty-night makeup and hair ideas from the top stylists at the best hair salons in New York, you will look fabulous for 100%!

#1 Don’t overdo it!
The first date, of course, is a very important event, but you should always remember that you shouldn’t look like you’ve just come from the red carpet. To look casual and simple, so try to avoid wearing long bright dresses with heels. Cute little dress or jeans with a leather jacket will be the best look for your first date!

#2 Simple, but stylish
Wash your tresses and make a simple ban, braid, ponytail or just let your hair down. Try to not ‘invent a bicycle’ and totally change your haircut or color. It can scare him, cause man, actually, don’t like unpredictable changes. Don’t forget to cut the split ends as well! iIt will help to prevent nappy hairstyle.

#3 Prepare your skin!
The first thing guys notice is skin, so prepare your body before dating. Make a scrub and moisturize the skin to feel yourself comfortable and confident during your date; moreover, you should always remember about elbows and knees, moisturize them twice, cause these places are very problematic.

#4 Hands attention
You will totally feel yourself confident with a manicure on your hands. Dirty, long nails and unclipped cuticles can make you feel unconfident, so try to solve this problem before dating, girl.

#5 Prevent the puffy face
If you've just woken up and your face is too tired after hard working day, you should totally refresh it! Puffy face and eyes won’t let you feel gorgeous and confident! Make a tea with tea bags, put them in the fridge and then apply bags on your eyes for 3-4 minutes. Voila! You look so fresh and amazing again!

During the date, always remember that he asked you for a date because he likes you just the way you are, so there is no need in trying to be another person.

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Five Hair And Makeup Tips For a Date

When girls prepare for a date, they usually try to look their best. In fact, if the guy have asked you for a date, he likes you the way you are, so the main rule of any date look is to be yourself. Of course, a perfect makeup and hairstyle are very necessary things, so let’s check out some simple tips to look gorgeous on a date from the top stylists at best salon NYC.

#1 Don’t have a dramatic change of haircut and makeup pre-date
He likes you the way you are! So don’t try to look like another person with extreme hairstyle changing or with a bright makeup. He probably will kiss you on the first date, so don’t use bright lipstick to prevent his face look like a clown. You shouldn’t have vampy red lips; fresh and sweet makeup will be perfect.

#2 Make your skin radiant
The first thing that men notice is our skin, so you need to prepare your body for dating for 100%. Use some natural scrubs soft and supple, which remove the flaking skin and all grease from your face. Try to use a coconut scrub which will moisturize your skin and the sweet smell of coconut will be a great bonus.

#3 Totally moisturizing
After a bath or a shower do a full body moisturizing, pay special attention about elbows and knees. This simple tip will help you to be confident all evening.

#4 Go easy with a perfume
Every girl definitely wants to smell perfectly on the first date, so don’t overload yourself with a perfume. Just spray it and ‘walk into’, this will be enough to smell nice and don’t frustrate people in the subway with your innocent smell of the perfumes.

#5 Hands
Look at your hands right now, if you haven’t got a pretty manicure you should change this. Our nails and hands are criteria of our tidiness. You will touch your man with those hands, so be sure they look perfect.

And remember what Mark Darcy said in Bridget Jones “I like you just the way you are”, so don’t afraid of being yourself.

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4 quick bad hair day fixes before a date

Going on a date but have no idea what to do with the disaster you call your hair? Here are some of the most common problems and ways to fix them!

#1. Bad Dye Job
Use temporary hair dye. If you decided to dye your mane quickly and it turned out to be not what you expected, you can always try to fix it with a temporary hair dye. Unfortunately, unless you are blonde, you might have to go a little darker to cover the unwanted colour. In most cases, it will wash out in several weeks, and your hair will be ready for another dye job.

#2. Regrowth
Hide it with a bandana. If your roots are showing and you have no time to go to the Fashion Hair Salon in NYC, cheat a little and cover the area with a silk scarf or a bandana. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of tutorials on the Internet you can look up and use to your benefit.

#3. Oily Scalp
Your hair got oily, but it’s too early for you to wash it? Use dry shampoo to refresh your roots and visibly de-grease your locks. Spray the generous amount of the product on your hair and let it sit for several minutes; brush it out afterwards. It will also give you some additional volume, which is always a nice bonus.

#4. Dry And Damaged Hair
If your strands are too dry or too damaged, try out a nourishing DIY hair mask. Fortunately, there are a lot of recipes you can find on the Internet and all necessary products already wait for you at the fridge. Some of the recipes are rather extravagant, others are more affordable. However, there are a lot of simple ones, which are equally effective. Choose for yourself!

Try out these tips and trick the next time you have a bad hair day and you need to look good against the clock!

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7 Weird Things Woman Do before Getting Ready for a Date

Love is an integral part of the life of every person. It’s not surprisingly that people like to discuss relationship and love matters everywhere: at restaurants, coffee shops, libraries and, of course, hair salons. After many years of hearing women stories, at hair salon Midtown East NYC we decided to create a list of weird thing many women do before getting ready for a date.

#1 Shower
Yes, the shower is an integral part of the everyday routine of all people. Nevertheless, many women underline that when it comes to the date, they go for an extra time to wash up from head to toe. Some of them also make two rounds with the loofah because no one knows where the night can lead.

#2 Unwanted Hairs
At hair salon Midtown East NYC we often hear that women are lazy enough about shaving, plucking or waxing. Of course, ladies shave their legs on a regular basis and handle their armpits, but who will do it all at once without a special occasion? (Answer: only those who prefer hairlessness)

#3 Matching Lingerie
As many women spill the beans, underwear is a ‘pull something out of the drawer and go’ case. But the date is a special affair, so many ladies spend hours choosing and trying different bras and panties on again and again till they find a perfect one combination.

#4 Outfit
What should I wear? – Is the most basic question when it comes to a date. This day is special, so the outfit should correspond it. Moreover, you should feel like you are walking a runway! So, for many women choosing the perfectly looking outfit is a long struggle.

#5 Makeup
Everything should be ideal, and makeup is not an exception. How to achieve the most suitable variant? Turn on all the light! And of course, no woman can apply makeup without striking a pose of a fish out of the water - eyebrows high and mouth wide open.

#6 Dance Break
How can dancing be connected with date preparation? Who knows. But a lot of girls can’t get ready without blasting favorite playlist. It is especially cool when you are choosing an outfit or doing hair. It’s something that makes you feel like a real woman.

#7 Selfies
When women are going to date, they try to look their best. Date preparation time is a perfect occasion to take as many selfies as possible. The main rule is to post on Instagram only one (the best one!) just because you are a woman.

Ladies do a lot weird things to look fantastic, but if it makes us feel comfortable and confident, why not?

Stay away from your past

We all have experienced that period after you break up with your partner and start introducing new things to your life, visit a fashion hair salon to have a new cut, take up a new hobby, etc. but it turns out that your ex still follows you. Maybe you are the following one who feels it ain’t right. It is okay if you are genuinely uninterested in keeping in touch with your ex. To get on with your current life, you should learn how to avoid your ex.

1. Phone issues
You should not call or text your ex, as you shouldn’t answer either. You can use certain services which allow you to block a contact. Consider changing the name in the address book to “Never answer” or “Don’t even try”. If phone contacts happen, be brief and polite. Don’t trigger your old communicating habit with your ex. End the conversation whenever it gets too far.

2. Boundaries
Both of you might have had mutual friends, contact, and similar schedules. You should reconsider your schedule to prevent unwanted encounters. Crossing path may lead to awkward conversations, unwelcome glances, and seeing him|her flirting with others. Keep in contact with mutual friends, but you shouldn’t attend hangouts with a group of friends, including your ex, just because you share friendship. Don’t turn anyone on your side either. Corrupting the community you are in will affect each participant negatively.

3. Rely on others
If you attend the same educational facility, work together, etc., you may get into a situation you need to cooperate with your ex. Whoever is your coordinator/tutor, don’t be afraid to say that you would like to avoid working with your ex. Awkward situations will affect your efficiency and put everybody in an embarrassing state; therefore, anyone will understand why you don’t want it to happen.

Your actions are held to move one, not to restart the relationship. To miss the edge between avoidance and focusing on your ex.

Coloring your roots

No matter what your hair color is, from time to time you have to deal with roots coloring. This problem is especially actual for blondes. Dark roots are so noticed ะพn light hair, so you have to deal with it immediately. Our professionals at Hair Salon in NYC offer you top three hair tricks to hide your dark roots and help to cope with the color difference between the bleached hair and the dark newly grown hair close to your scalp.

Use special hair care products
Modern fashion market offers you a huge variety of care and styling products, created particularly for blondes. Washing your hair with such shampoos and conditioners will intensify your bright color and make it shine like a sun. Styling products will slow down the process of hair darkening and make your stunning blonde shade last longer.

Change your parting
Parting your hair right in the middle makes your dark roots even more noticeable. Try to leave your hair without precise parting, embracing messy, careless look. High and tight hairstyles like bun and ponytail are also a wonderful idea for you. The main task for you is to hide darker roots.

Be confident
Show courage to wear your dark roots with pride. You commit no crime if you spend day or two with dark roots. Moreover, such interesting peculiarity can look interesting and charming. Young and active girls can wear such hairstyle to stand out of the crowd and show their unique personality.
Follow our tips, and you will look marvelous every single day. 

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Men’s accessories that look better in black

Gone are the days when men had to wear only black clothing and accessories. This stereotype is already ruined. Nevertheless, some accessories do look better in black even now:

1. Wristwatch
Stylish wristwatch enhances your look; stylish black wristwatch improves your look instantly! It’s a great example how small details can make a big difference. Paired with a classic suit and leather briefcase, this accessory will make you look fulfilled and well-established.

2. Umbrella
According to the best barbers in NYC, an umbrella is much more than protection against rain; it’s an important piece of your outfit, which can enhance or ruin your look. Leave patterned rain umbrellas with flowers and Mickey Mouse for girls; manly men should go for a black accessory. Moreover, gloomy weather and dark color are a great combination!

3. Sunglasses
Dark sunglasses is a must-have of each man’s arsenal. This accessory can turn a regular casual look into something stylish and mysterious. Remember that sunglasses are not just a fashion item, they are designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. So, pay more attention to quality rather than the price.

4. Leather belt
A wardrobe without a black belt is like the morning without coffee. According to the best barber in NYC, a black belt is a basic element each guy should have. It goes together with everything – classic trousers or casual denim. Our recommendation is to choose leather because it smells better and lasts much longer than belts made of other materials.

Upgrade your wardrobe to meet the coming year with confidence!