Cool Beards for 2018

Do you like your beard? Or maybe it is time to make some changes and make it look more modern and fashionable? If you are thinking about taking it to the next level, our blog will help you in succeeding with this task. During last few years, long, messy and masculine facial hair was on top of the fashion world, but it doesn’t mean you can forget about regular trims and updates.

Anyway, there are so many ways to combine stylish haircuts and messy beards, so you can easily embrace your favorite styles. Experimenting is always a good thing, so try something new with the hair on your head and face. No matter whether you are looking for a new, long beard, or groomed, short one, our specialists gathered the hottest collection of popular beard styles for 2018. Check them out and find the one that fits you the most!

# 1 Short beard
Do you want to create a little bit sexy and elegant look, go for short beard. You should pay more attention to its shape, rather than the length.  Buy a qualitative beard trimmer or visit your barber regularly in order to keep it clean and neat. Having your own trimmer can also style your beard like you want it to be.

# 2 Faded beard
Fading hairstyles was extremely popular during last few years, and in 2018 this trend also reached men facial hair. Do you want to know how to create fading effect? Ask a barber to taper your sideburns and beard into your hair, creating a fresh and clean look.

# 3 Long beard
If you have a long beard, we have a wonderful news for you! There are so many different ways to wear a long facial hair and you can try them all! The best long beards must be full and thick, without any patchy parts.  Of course, it may require a lot of time and efforts, but trust us, the game worth the candle.

Follow our tips and enjoy healthy, handsome and stylish facial hair. Finding your unique style is always a hard task, but if you succeed, you will top the world.

Teenager Haircuts for Boys

It is impossible to deny the fact that being a teenager is quite difficult. It is a period of time, when every, even the smallest, thing matters, especially if we are talking about your appearance. Cool and stylish hairstyle is 100% percent of success in your school life. However, it can appear to be not so easy to find a good haircut for a teenager. It doesn’t suppose to look too heavy and old fashioned for your young face, but at the same time, it has to match with your current age and mood.
Our specialists know how to add some playful notes to your image and make the whole things look different.

Variant # 1 Spikes and Color
It is impossible to find something more trendy then spiky hair texture and daring hair colors. So, why don’t you combine these two in your everyday look? Choose your favorite shade and add it to your hair without any doubts. The combination of sharp, structured top will look absolutely great on you. The only thing you have you avoid is…nothing! You are free to experiment with your hair anyway you want it to be.

Variant # 2 Comb Over and Fade
Do you know why this hairstyle is so popular among young guys all over the world? It is extremely easy to style and looks incredibly gorgeous, no matter how much time you spend for styling it. Choose whether you like matte or shiny finish and go for appropriate product. It can be a wax or gel, and clay, pomade or glue.

Variant # 3 Short Quiff and High Fade
If you have thick and wavy hair, you know that it is incredibly difficult to style. Don’t worry, there is a way out for you – short, tight quiff! Add a small amount of your favorite product at the forehead and work hair up and back. Pay attention that every strand should be fixed and secured on its place in order to create a perfectly polished look.

Choose one of these variants and enjoy your colorful life.

Best Beards for Men

It is not a secret for anybody that beard is one of the most popular trends in men’s fashion during last several years. Men all over the world like and wear it with pride. Do you know the reason why it happens? Because there is a beard for everyone! For every hair type, length and color, for every structure, texture and density. That is why every man on the planet Earth can easily embrace bearded look and boost his masculinity. Yeah, facial hair makes you more confident, daring and brave. It seems like it brings you back into Stone Age and you feel the desire to kill a mammoth right now.

If you want to experience something like that, go on reading and find your ideal beard style.

# 1 Classic beard
It is called classic because this beard is not too long or too short, too thick or too thin, just standard. However, it is a little bit tricky and doesn’t fit everybody. Professional advice is to combine it with some short, modern haircut or slicked back hairstyle for more retro look.

# 2 Full beard
You don’t have to be over 60 years old in order to wear full beard. This type of facial hair is turned to be much younger nowadays. Nevertheless, you should remember the fact that the longer your beard is, the more maintenance it requires. Long beard is handsome only when it is well done. Be ready to spend a lot of time, money and effort in order to bring such image to life. Plus, you should stay away from voluminous, messy hairstyles, otherwise you are risking to look like local insane.

# 3 Viking beard
Vikings were known for two sings: marvelous battling skills and masculine beards. If you want to boost you inner Viking, add some major confidence and manhood to your look, go for Viking beard. Pay attention that it must be accompanied with long messy hairstyle and bushy (in a good way) eyebrows. After that, man bun will become your favorite hairstyle, deal with it.

Experiment with your facial hair and enjoy your new, trendy look.

Top 3 Friday Night Hairstyles

How sweet it sounds…Friday! Oh, that pleasant moment when you understand the two days of luxury rest are waiting for you and you don’t have to wake up early for work. Friday, is the best time to go somewhere and have a little party. However,  being a girl, you have to look stunning this evening, to shock everybody around. Gorgeous dress, bright make – up, and, of course, fashionable hairstyle. If you are not a very skillful in styling your locks, and have no time  to twist, curl and braid every strand, our blog is for you. Professionals stylists at the best hair salon nyc offer three simple but beautiful haircuts every girl can create at home. Check them out and shine bright like a diamond tonight.

Variant # 1 Bubble Ponytail
Even the most boring ponytail can look gorgeous, if styled in a right way. To create this hairstyle you need to add volume to your roots first, and then gather your locks in typical ponytail. Use a mouse for magical volume and mist the rest of your hair with a seal salt spray for ideal texture. Put several hair ties in between the ponytail and it is done. All possible accessories will only benefit your image.

Variant # 2 Deep side swept
No matter whether you have long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly, dark or bright hair, you can embrace this hairstyle literally in few minutes! Just apply a sea salt spray and tease your hair, to create a sexy, playful texture and create a deep side parting. Daring and bold look is guaranteed.

Variant # 3 Top knot
Yeah, top knot also can look chic and attractive. It is not only a hairstyle to wear at home, while gathering for work in the morning. The key term here is volume and carelessness. There is no need to create a perfectly sleek and polished look, it would be better to go for “just out of bed one” instead. Some sparkling accessory and you are ready to go.

Choose one of this amazing hairstyle for Friday evening and enjoy everybody’s attention.

Perfect hairstyles for the first date

Beautiful and attractive hairstyle is a key point for making a wonderful first impression on a first date. Women choose versatile haircuts to underline their natural beauty and charm opposite sex. However, finding the one hairstyle can appear to be a very difficult task. Considering a huge diversity of women's hair texture, structure and length, every hairstyle looks different on every woman. One hair trend can look wonderful on the picture, but disappoint you in reality. To save you from feeling of frustration, our professionals at the best salon in New York offer you three winning hairstyles every woman can wear on a first date.

Half – up bouffant 
It is very romantic retro hairstyle will perfectly fit women with long, medium hair length, and straight, or a little bit wavy, texture. To create half – up bouffant boost your hair with volumizing spray and mousse.  Then, use a blow dryer to make a marvelous roll on the top. You can also use a large iron for the same purpose.  Teasing some strands will add playful notes to your look.

Messy waves
Beautiful curls or waves is always a winning variant for any woman. No matter whether you want to embrace gorgeous Hollywood locks, or play with beachy curls, you need to mist your hair with special mousse first to get appropriate structure. Then, use curling iron to make shiny chick curls, or simply twist your hair with your hands, creating naturally attractive messy effect.

High bun
Sleek, top knot continues to be one of the most popular trends among women all over the world. The reason why it becomes so widespread is its simplicity and impeccable appeal. To get perfectly sleek look, use hair gel or wax. Apply it on a dry hair, while making a ponytail. Then, wrap your hair around the base and fix with bobby pins. Hair spray – to top it all – will keep every strand on its place.

Choose one of these gorgeous haircuts to look stunning at your first date.  Remember: well chosen look can easily highlight your advantages, or underline disadvantages, so chose wisely.

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Five First-Date hair And Makeup Tips

Do you want to be gorgeous on the first date? With these flirty-night makeup and hair ideas from the top stylists at the best hair salons in New York, you will look fabulous for 100%!

#1 Don’t overdo it!
The first date, of course, is a very important event, but you should always remember that you shouldn’t look like you’ve just come from the red carpet. To look casual and simple, so try to avoid wearing long bright dresses with heels. Cute little dress or jeans with a leather jacket will be the best look for your first date!

#2 Simple, but stylish
Wash your tresses and make a simple ban, braid, ponytail or just let your hair down. Try to not ‘invent a bicycle’ and totally change your haircut or color. It can scare him, cause man, actually, don’t like unpredictable changes. Don’t forget to cut the split ends as well! iIt will help to prevent nappy hairstyle.

#3 Prepare your skin!
The first thing guys notice is skin, so prepare your body before dating. Make a scrub and moisturize the skin to feel yourself comfortable and confident during your date; moreover, you should always remember about elbows and knees, moisturize them twice, cause these places are very problematic.

#4 Hands attention
You will totally feel yourself confident with a manicure on your hands. Dirty, long nails and unclipped cuticles can make you feel unconfident, so try to solve this problem before dating, girl.

#5 Prevent the puffy face
If you've just woken up and your face is too tired after hard working day, you should totally refresh it! Puffy face and eyes won’t let you feel gorgeous and confident! Make a tea with tea bags, put them in the fridge and then apply bags on your eyes for 3-4 minutes. Voila! You look so fresh and amazing again!

During the date, always remember that he asked you for a date because he likes you just the way you are, so there is no need in trying to be another person.

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